On the initiative of the First Vice-Rector of the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics Igor Ruban, the first regional representative office of the Association of specialties in computer engineering around the world “Kharkiv ACM Chapter” was created in Kharkiv, which will open additional opportunities for research and professional communication.

Already at the first stage of existence of Association which Chairman Igor Ruban was appointed, its members became more than 20 participants from 10 Higher education institution of Kharkov, the majority of which are scientists of NURE.

ACM-Association for Computing Machinery.

The oldest and the largest international non-profit organization in the computer field, which brings together about 100,000 professionals from all around the world.

As a part of the organization’s existence, regular conferences and publications of specialized journals and publications are funded through partnerships with global companies, which become the predominant place to present innovations in various industries.

Also, ACM provides financial support for the International Olympics and other events.